The Tell Tale Toddler

| 4/2/2015 1:18:00 PM


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The Tell Tale Toddler

Hi Tim,

I’m a college girl, 22, very blunt so here goes. I’ve been having an affair for 9 months with another woman, a former professor of mine. It’s so hot and passionate sometimes we literally cannot take our hands off each other. The problem; she’s married to a guy and they have a 2 year-old. I have no problem with the way things are going. I wasn’t looking for strings and she has no desire to get a divorce, although her husband cannot know about us. The problem is her daughter. We hook up around lunchtime, but sometimes her daughter’s school is closed and she’ll be napping while we… don’t nap together. We’re very careful and keep the door closed but recently the little girl found us getting dressed, then a second time she walked in while we were half-dressed and kissing. Mom told her we’re girlfriends, no big deal, but this kid saw me a third time, just in the hallway leaving and told me, “I’m telling Daddy about you.” I smiled and said okay, but now I’m uncomfortable going to her house. I really don’t know if I’m worried the little girl will talk, or feeling guilty about the whole thing in general. What are your thoughts?

- Tell Tale Toddler?

Hi Tell Tale,

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