Breaking Down the Advertising-Editorial Maginot Line

 by Bennett Gordon

The line between editorial and advertising, once referred to as a wall, is now more like a fence. And that fence has a front door, and some holes in it....

Babies and Toddlers Shouldn’t Watch Television

by Katie Leo 

How young is too young to watch TV? While products like Baby Einstein claim that TV is good for infants, a new study suggests otherwise....

Feminism: The Distraction of Waves

 by Julie Hanus

“Can we please stop talking about feminism as if it is mothers and daughters fighting about clothes?” Katha Pollitt writes in The Nation....

The American Conservative in the Age of Obama

 by Bennett Gordon

Throughout the Bush years, the American Conservative was one of the few voices on the right that consistently stood up to the war-mongering neocon rule. Last month, the magazine nearly folded....


The Sensual, Successful World of Harlequin Romance Novels

 by Danielle Maestretti

In the May issue of the Walrus, Don Gillmor explores the continuing rise of the world’s thriving (or is it throbbing?) center of romance: Harlequin Enterprises, which has shipped more than five and a half billion bodice rippers during its 60-year tenure....

The New Blogger Nation, Really?

by Katie Leo 

If you believe that nearly 2 million Americans profit from blogging, as the Wall Street Journal claims, then Waldo Jaquith has a bridge to sell you....

Alt Wire with Guest Blogger Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine

by Jeff Severns Guntzel

If you've ever read Found, you won't be surprised to learn that Davy Rothbart is obsessed with YouTube. And it won't surprise you that his favorite videos, which he shares here, are every bit as random, intimate, and absurd as the content of his magazine....

Shelf Life: How to Share a Pig, Octopus Hunting, and Dreams About President Obama

 by Danielle Maestretti

Utne Reader librarian Danielle Maestretti shares the highlights (and occasional lowlights) of what’s landing in our library each week....

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